Hello and welcome to my blog – hope you enjoy your stay

Being involved in online business, I have to practice what I preach. Because of this I tend to do a lot on the internet, including shopping, research, socialising, gaming, watching films, documentaries and getting the latest news. I have started this blog as my outlet…for all things good and bad! (being a bit of a geek there will be a tendency for more technology or gadget related posts)

Over the years I have had my fair share of bad experiences online; be it a retailer who doesn’t deliver what they promise, online scams and even fraud. There is a lot out there to avoid…hopefully some of this will teach you how.

Now I am not just focusing on the negatives here, because there is always a positive side to the argument. Similarly I have had numerous great experiences that have been facilitated through the internet…and I like to give props where its due. For example last February I wanted a special Valentines day card for the girlfriend. With no luck from local businesses I found someone online who printed it and posted it out the same day.

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