The Online Presence Of Detox Retreats

Detox retreats have a great presence online. Owners understand that the majority of people shopping for holiday getaways, retreats, health spas, or just about any destination will check the internet first. This is the number one way to market a business these days. People want to plan their entire stay in advance, from transportation to parking to lodging and meals. This is especially true when someone is looking for detox retreats UK. They want to know what to expect with meals, exercise, massage, and location. Detoxing can be unpleasant, and most people want to know that they will have some control over their situation before they commit to a weekend or a week of detox regimen.

Simply Healing Detox Retreat


Simply Healing Detox Retreat knows how to create an online presence. The streaming photos of the various amenities of the retreat are absolutely beautiful, with soft lighting in the massage rooms and comfortable surroundings in the rooms. The traditional structure is full of modern rooms with stylis décor.

They list their many services, including a juice detox plan and 5 and 7 day plans. They also offer couples fertility detox plans and a weekend stay, as well. All of this is available right on their main page. Among the conditions they treat are IBBS, headaches, constipation, and bloating, and they also offer weight loss plans. Their website shows such beautiful grounds that it makes a person want to go, even if they aren’t interested in detox treatments.

The Zest Life


In Wales you will find the Zest Life retreat. This is another facility that knows how to market its location and ambiance. This place is run by a yoga instructor, and is located on a splendid estate. There are yoga classes as well as meditation classes, and you get to swim in the river and enjoy a picnic. You will enjoy the nutritional therapy, and learn about wellness and relaxation. There is even a detox program that you can enjoy. Then, you have more yoga and dinner.

This retreat focuses on yoga and healthy eating. Hey have a restored barn where meditation classes take place. After yoga and breakfast, you go on a hike or a swim and come back to the beautiful grounds for a massage.

The Champneys


The Champneys has a beautiful, sophisticated website. The first thing you will see is healthy looking people with the words “slim and detox” . You can find tabs on the side where you can click to see the selection of packages available, as well as specialist retreats that you may want to book. You Can book special occasions, and there are packages available for different groups.

If you like traditions, you can book classic spa days, or simply book a break to get back on an even, balanced diet or exercise regimen.

The Champneys offers various treatments that you can register for, and you can sign up for training in health and wellbeing. The offer a fitness regimen, as well.

Choose The Right Brands For Your Clothing Business

Anyone who opens a clothing business is faced with unlimited decisions to make. Will you carry only established name brands or seek out unknown designers? Will you market to only a certain price range, or include a wide range of price categories? What about sustainable clothing? You may want to carry a line that is made of sustainable products that will appeal to the groups of people who want to decrease their carbon footprint, even in the things they buy. Here are some pointers for selecting which brands of clothes to carry in your clothing business.


Ok, to be honest, “genre” is a word that applies more to an art form such as music, writing, or painting. However, it is a very good word to use here, as you identify the groups you want to target with your products. If you will sell exclusively evening wear, you may want to go with a brand that people will recognize, such as Jovani or Sherri Hill. In this way, you can showcase your brands, gaining the brand recognition basically by “piggyback.” Your customers may not recognize the name of your store, but they will recognize the brands you carry.

For a brand of clothing that is well made, durable, and stylish, Sea Salt Clothing will bring a lot of business your way. This is a popular line of clothing that is made of renewable materials, so a large demographic of customers will find this product especially alluring.

Most often, the type of clothing you sell, or genre of clothing, will determine the target market. If you choose to carry a little bit of everything, you could get lost in the shuffle. You may want to find a niche in just one category, or with one target audience.

Price Ranges


You can’t sell to particular demographics if your prices are wrong. If your target demographics are middle-class working people who probably have an office job or work in customer service, you need to find brands of clothing that can reflect that price range.

If however, you plan to market to a more elite clientele, you need to get in with some designer studios. This will help you to have access to more choice items for your customers, and have a more limited offering at higher prices.

If, on the other hand, you want your own version of WalMart, and offer cheap clothing at pocket-change prices you won’t look at some of the brands that would be a mainstay if you have one of the other types of stores.


7150528363_850912f279_bAs you contemplate the different brands of clothing available, consider whether or not that brand will keep you in good supply of their products. In some cases, they may charge you more, if you are a smaller business, than they would charge a large department store. Can you still sell the products at department store prices, if this is the case? Smaller design studios may also have a hard time meeting demand.

Booking Surfing Lessons Online

If you haven’t taken surfing lessons, yet, you might check out online sources. Booking surfing lessons online is an easy way to get your holiday in order. You can check out the different programs offered, book lodging, and even arrange transportation online. Each of the top rated online surfing schools has a slightly different method for booking your surfing lessons. Here are some of the best, with pointers for signing up.

Harlyn Surf School

The Harlyn Surf School is one of the first established in the UK. They offer paddleboarding, kayaking, coasteering, and group activities which are great for family reunions or corporate bonding. They offer four different ways to book your holiday. You can call on the phone, use email, or book on site at the beach, itself. The site offers a clear rate structure, and tabs that offer all of the information you need to decide if this is the beach and the school you wish to attend. Once you have done your online shopping, you can book your holiday through email.

St. Ives Surf School


St. Ives Surf School, located in Cornwall, is an action packed holiday of surfing, kayaking, coasteering, and more. You can learn to do standup paddleboarding, too. They have access to beautiful beaches, and have skilled instructors who can work with people of all different skills levels and physical abilities. They also offer equipment and wetsuit rentals at affordable rates. You can call the for further information, or to book lessons, or you can email them to set up your holiday. They like the personal touch, and prefer to talk to you or sign you up through email.

Bluewings Surf School

Bluewings Surf School in Newquay Cornwall offers a book now option and accommodations, along with the surfing lessons and kayaking. They offer an online inquiry form in which you can list the type of holiday you are looking for. They will contact you with a competitive cost and a list of availability. Their instructors are BSA qualified, and they take bookings for individuals, families, and youth groups, as well as wedding parties and corporate occasions. You can call their number for information, email them, or fill out the booking inquiry online.

Bude Surfing Experience


The Bude Surfing Experience is one of the most diverse offerings in the realm of surfing schools. They offer lessons in surfing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), and coasteering. Their certified instructors are available for individual or group lessons, and you can book for your entire family, youth group, or corporate group as well. They state their goal as providing you the chance to improve your surfing and other activities at your own pace, so that all can participate. They provide equipment and wetsuits in the flat fee charged per hour. They offer purchase information on their website, along with rental information if all you want is to rent equipment. The online form to book your holiday is easy to fill out, and you will hear back from them quickly.

How To Use Artificial Office Supplies

Your office is a hub of activity, with employees and customers coming and going constantly. The traffic not only wears out furnishings it creates noise and distraction. There are ways of combating this, however. Once you learn how to use artificial office supplies, you can reduce the noise and distraction significantly and increase customer satisfaction and employee morale. Do you know what artificial office supplies are? Quite simply, they are artificial plants.

Noise Reduction


Not many people realize just how noisy their office is. The constant chatter of people on phones the clicking of keyboards, squeaking of chairs, drumming of fingers, and muted sounds from various music players can create a din that takes a toll on the nerves. Noise pollution adds to the stress of your environment which weakens the immune system and saps your energy.

The use of potted plants is more than just an artistic expression. It is a smart way to cut down on the noise of your office. The irregular branching structures and leaves of potted plants break up sound, bouncing it around from one leaf to the other rather than allowing it to vibrate unimpeded across the room.

You’ve probably noticed the difference in restaurants. Restaurants that have table cloths, carpet, partitions, and potted plants – even artificial ones – are much quieter than cafes with easily wiped table cloths, easily mopped floors, and little decoration. Your office spaces can benefit from some of the same treatments. No, you don’t have to put table cloths on your employee’s desks, but artificial plants can cut down on the noise very effectively.


Overhead light can also create a stressful environment. The lighting creates shadows, and the unrelenting glare makes people’s eyes tired. Eye fatigue is a common problem in offices, and interferes with your employees’ concentration and productivity.

Just as the leaves and branches of plants deflect noise they also soften light. They bounce the light off of the irregular surfaces, creating different focal points. This subtle difference allows for your employees to vary the focus of their eyes, reducing eye fatigue and headaches. If you don’t allow your employees to have artificial plants in their cubicles, you might want to change your policy. Studies have shown that having a simple potted plant on your desk can reduce blood pressure and the occurrence of headaches.

Space Definition


Plants can also help to define spaces. In modern offices, where the open concept is often practiced, a potted plant can help to make an employee feel more stable. They have a way to mark their spot, and identify their space more effectively.

The gentle movement of large area plants creates a more relaxing atmosphere. A tall palm, even an artificial one, will sway slightly in the air conditioning, creating a more pleasant office. You can use the potted plants to delineate the reception area or to create a more cozy entrance to the break room.

Give artificial office Plants a chance in your office, and you’ll find that work is a lot nicer.

Creating A Great Lawn Care Website

Creating a website for any business requires a certain amount of skill and of understanding of your business. It also requires understanding of the customer base that will be visiting the website. When you are creating a great lawn care website you need to remember what your visitors are looking for, and make it easy for them to find what they want. Here are some ideas for your lawn care website.



You may be selling Lawn Treatment, but you have to get the attention of the visitors, first. This means that your website should immediately tell visitors what you do, and how to contact you. This is done with a banner that establishes the name of your business, along with its address and contact information.

The information you place on your website is specialized to your business, but there are some general guidelines to keep in mind that concern the appearance. Make sure that your site is easy to read. Leave dramatic, low-contrast pages for musicians’ pages. Yours should be in colors that don’t bleed or are impossible to read, even for color blind people.

The font should be clear, too. Many special effects fonts have numbers that look like alphabets, and vice-versa. This is your business, not an artistic expression, so be sure that the font is clean and easy to read.

Some people want lots of video and background music on their website. They even like butterfly cursors and special effects. However, this type of thing requires a lot of flash, and that slows down loading time. Even worse, flash will not download onto handheld devices. Considering that most people who own smartphones and iPhones shop on them, this can send many customers straight to your competitors.

Keep your lawn care website attractive, but not too busy, so that it will communicate quickly with customers.


Get testimonials from some of your satisfied customers. Testimonials are the “Star Rating” of websites, and can be used to tell customers more information about your business. Comments about how a customer liked the professional appearance of your workers, of the fact that you were careful around pets, can make a big difference.



You want, of course, pictures of beautiful lawns, if yours is a lawn treatment company. If possible, include before and after shots. Provide pictures of the difference it can make to use weed control, and how lawns can improve once grub worms have been eliminated.


Make sure the tabs are easy to identify and to navigate. They may go horizontally across the top or bottom of the page, or down either side, but they should not be the kind that fade in and out, or only show up if you scroll the cursor across that area. Once again, leave the artistic stuff for museums and university art departments. Yours is a commercial enterprise, and you want to communicate quickly with your customers. If they get frustrated, they will leave your site.

Making Space In Your Home With Clever Furniture

Clever items of furniture can help you to save space in your home. It can help you use areas for multiple purposes and free up floor space, too. This is especially helpful with today’s trend toward smaller houses and efficiency apartments. With the right furnishing, you can increase your floor space by several square feet, and get more use out of each piece you purchase. Here are some ideas for making space in your home with clever furniture.

Drop Leaf Tables


Drop leaf tables are some of the most versatile items you can have in your home. I’ve had one in my entry for years, serving as a place to catch my car keys. I use it with both leaves down, and pretty flowers decorating it. When we have family or friends over, it is easy to move into the living room for games or extra dining space. Drop leafs usually are gate-legs, meaning that you swing the leg structure out from where it has been folded under the center of the table. You can raise one side, or both. Some drop leaf tables have leafs on all 4 sides, for added flexibility. There will be either a piano hinge for each leaf, or more commonly, something similar to a door hinge.

Draw Leaf Tables

Draw leaf tables are similar to the drop leaf, with the difference that the leaf is on a spring-loaded frame. When released, the spring pushes the leaf forward and up into position. Once you are done with the leaf, you can release the spring once again, lower the leaf, and slide it back under the top of the table.

Nesting Tables


Nests of tables are a great solution for apartments and houses that don’t have room for entertaining. Each table is progressively smaller, tucking nicely under the largest table of the set. You can have the set between easy chairs or serving as a side table. Then, when you have company, bring the smaller tables out for use as coffee tables. Some of them are even suitable for extra seating.


The ottoman is one of the most clever pieces of furniture you can add to a room. They provide great storage. We used to have one with a twin sofa-bed in it for the kids’ overnight guests. We have another, smaller one that serves as a catchall for my crochet items. It does double duty as an end table for the sofa.

The ottoman not only can provide storage, it supplies extra seating when you have a lot of guests. An upholstered ottoman is comfortable to sit on, and, with an attractive tray, can be used for a coffee table.

Chest of Drawers

The chest of drawers is another one of those great multi-use pieces of furniture. Besides clothing, you can use them to store paint bottles in the craft room, tools in the garage, or potting materials on the patio.

With clever use of furniture, you can increase the usefulness of the item and save a lot of space in your home.

How Important Is Your Website For Your Company?

Small business owners often wonder if they really need a website. After all, they don’t plan to attract overseas or even national attention. They also don’t expect to ship items long distances, so why would they need a website? Locals can just stop by the store and pick up what they want. However, if you are a small business owner and don’t have a website you are missing out on one of the best marketing strategies since newspapers. The truth is, the internet has practically replaced newspapers, radio, and even television in reaching and maintaining customer base. Here are some examples of how important your website can be for your company.

Shopper Demographics

Graph With Stacks Of Coins

Over 60 percent of the public now owns an iPhone or android. Think about how many people that is, for just a minute. You’ve noticed all of the people looking into their laps and avoiding eye contact, playing games, texting friends, and…shopping. Of this large percentage of the population, 80 percent of the will make purchases that very day. Now, think of the impact that would have on your business! Shopper information these days group a huge number of people into the demographic of handheld device users. With a website that converts easily to this type of format, you can have information about your company a touch of a finger away.

Another 20 percent of the population use their PCs or laptops to get information on the products they are looking for. In the U.S., the Small Business Administration reports that small businesses that have a website have, on average 39 percent more revenue each year than those that do not have an internet presence.

Many businesses have a strong customer base of older people, so the owners don’t think they need a website. After all, only people under 30 use the computer that much, right? The truth is, the vast majority of people over age 55 use the internet. They find it far more convenient than relying on a phone book for information, and they get more information than they ever could from a phone book. The internet is also easier to read than the small print found in traditional publications.

Gain Credibility


These days, when people hear about a business, they usually go online to check it out. If they can’t find the business online, they write it off. Having a website not only tells people about your product such as women’s clothing, they can find out your location down to an actual map, your hours of operation, accepted payment methods, and even parking. In addition, when a shopper finds your business on the internet, they know that it is a legitimate business.

Build Your Brand Name


With a website, you can build up your brand name. Sure, you already do this with a storefront and some printed ads, but on the internet, viewership goes up exponentially. You can place calls to action on social media and post customer reviews that bring in business.

A website is crucial for your company. Build one today, and watch your profits soar.

Artificial Office Plants: Whats The Point?

Dust catchers. That’s what my mom always called artificial plants. And, it seemed that she was right, a lot of the time. So often, the desired effect of having plants in an office – whether real or plastic – was lost because all you could notice was dust. If, however, you can arrange to have someone run a duster over the plants periodically, you will find more benefits than you ever dreamt of from having artificial plants in the office.


No Mess

While I am a big advocate of live plants in the home and office, they pose an undeniable disadvantage – they can be messy. Spilling water and soil can be a big problem, as can dead leaves. If a real plant gets knocked over, it can make an awful mess.

Artificial office plants don’t have any of this extra baggage. You put them in place, and they just do their little plant thing. The only maintenance they need is occasional dusting.

Rest For the Weary


Now that we have the problem of upkeep out of the way, let’s talk about why you should have plants in the workplace at all. The number one reason is to make the spaces more pleasant. If, however, you are still puzzled as to how this is possible with fake greenery, here is some of the science behind it.

Even man-made plants don’t look man-made. They have curved lines and random branching patterns, providing a helpful contrast to the often harsh office environment.

Offices are made of straight lines and 90 degree corners. Carefully engineered overhead lighting produces both perceived light and actual light. In some cases, individuals may add a desk lamp for task lighting. But all of this is industrial and generic.

Artificial plants in the office will break up those straight lines. The benefit of this is that it helps to reduce visual fatigue. Workers in an office setting probably spend a great deal of time looking at a computer screen. Headaches, shoulder tension, and eyestrain are the result of hours focusing on one distance.

Since the eye travels to color (it’s an interior decorating thing) artificial plants from Urban Planters in the cubicle will encourage the employee to look up occasionally. This change of focus, however brief, does wonders for eye health and stress reduction.

Noise Reduction


Some people are not affected by the noises in an office. The reality, however, is that repetitive noises and racket from other cubicles can be very distracting. Coworker’s tastes in music, their tendencies to drum their fingers or click a pen, or their loud phone voice can get on their neighbor’s last nerve.

Artificial plants will break up sound waves. The leaves deflect sound and buffer noise. Sound engineers will tell you that the parallel walls of rooms amplify sound. This is what happens in an office. Plants break up those parallel surfaces, reducing ambient noise.

If you don’t have any artificial plants in the office, reconsider your decision. They can provide a more comfortable and productive work environment.

Staying Comfortable With Office Furniture

Comfortable office furniture can make your work day more productive and tolerable. You may not realize, though, that there is more to selecting comfortable office furniture than simply selecting a chair – although that, too, is important. Here are some things to consider when you are looking for office furniture.

Your Desk Chair


The most obvious piece of furniture that you will consider is your desk chair. While a well-padded chair may sound like a great way to spend the day, the actual mechanics of the chair matter. How long is the seat of the chair? If the seat is too short, it can create a strain on your lower back and excessive tiredness in your legs. If it is too long, it will cut off the circulation in your legs. Many office chairs have adjustable seats that will slide forward or back to suit your taste.

Look, also, for a chair that has lumbar support. This will help you to maintain proper posture at your desk and reduce strain in your neck and shoulders.

Your Desk


Choose a desk that will serve your purposes. If you need a desk and chair that impresses people, but are not very functional, that is fine. But, if you actually work at your desk, it needs to be functional, and a good fit for your body.

Your office desk needs to have enough leg clearance for you to adjust your chair comfortably. Some people actually need a desk that has no lap drawer, so there is more room for their knees. It is perfectly all right to look for a desk that has a cross-brace, where you can elevate your feet slightly as you work.

Also, the depth of your desk can affect your comfort level. As you sit in your chair, will you be able to reach everything you need for your daily tasks? In some cases, you can place items such as your name plate, clock, and photos on the outer section of your desk. You don’t have to handle these items on a regular basis, so they can take up the otherwise unused space. This will leave the work area free. Keep items such as keyboards, calculators, and other much-used items within reach of your arms.

Lighting in Your Office

Most offices have overhead lighting. However, this can create glares and shadows that actually exhaust you. Bright light in a room keeps some people awake, and stimulates them. Others are exhausted by the severity of bright light.

Halogen lights can get uncomfortably hot, while fluorescent lights cast a weird glow, and are bad for the environment. A great solution is LED lighting that is bright and eco-friendly.

One great solution for office lighting is to create ambient lighting. Several lamps placed around the office, and indirect lighting, can create enough actual light to do work you need without glare and shadows.

When selecting office furniture, comfort and function are interlocked. Find the right fit, and you can work all day in comfort.

Growing Industries In The UK

There is much to be said about the fastest growing industries in the UK. Young people getting an education to provide for their future want to be a part of the fastest growing industries. It indicates job security and promises a rewarding career. However, what about the slowest growing industries? Believe it or not, a thorough knowledge of the slowest growing industries in the UK may be just a valuable.



The industry that tops the list of slow-growers is manufacturing. Although there are notable exceptions from companies such as IOTA Planters, This is most unfortunate, because this field employs workers from all educational levels, from college educated businessmen and engineers to assembly line workers who don’t require as much education.

In fact, manufacturing has been on a rollercoaster ride for the last few years. Just two years ago, it had reached an all-time low. Then, earlier this year, it reached a new high, only to plummet again. The UK is not alone in this decline. China, which has been in an economic boom often at the expense of other nations’ economies, is also slowing down. Only 10% of the UK GDP is attributed to manufacturing, these days.


The export market is still disturbingly slow, throwing the GDP into a tailspin. Domestic demand is still the greatest contributor to growth of the GDP, while exports remain at a low that pulls the numbers down. This is attributed, partially, to global uncertainty, as well as the recession surrounding the euro. Net trade is, so far, the biggest minus for the GDP, over-balancing the modest boom in domestic demand. Exports did make a modest rebound between 2008 and 2011, but have gone flat in the two years since.


Investments have also fallen sharply, by almost 25% from just a couple of years ago. Of the investments category, business investment declines stand out at a 27% decline. Dwelling investments bottomed out in the first quarter of 2010, and made an almost miraculous recovery in the third quarter of that same year, but still remain down by 12%. This has been steady since the 4th quarter of 2010.

Government investments, of course, remained high for the longest time, but finally showed a loss in the 3rd quarter of 2011. After a brief gain in 2012, they dove below standard again this year to show a 2% decline. Total investments have been on a constant level since the 3rd quarter of 2009, at 23% down from the norm.

Medium and High Tech


The medium and high tech manufacturing area has also seen very little growth. Chemicals, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals each share less than one percent of the UK GVA.

Low and Medium Tech

In the low and medium tech category, shipbuilding is at an all time low both for UK GVA and for employment numbers, at about ¼ of 1 percent. Mining and quarrying has a small place in the GVA, as well, but with a little more in the employment figures.

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