A Fresh New Business With Fresh New Ideas

Entrepreneurs seem to always find a way to navigate tricky markets. With the world-wide recession faltering, and guarded optimism regarding recovery making the circuit of the business community, entrepreneurs are finding it easier to get investors. The affordability of internet exposure helps, too. However, out-moded and stale business models stand very little chance of survival.

Internet and Business


One of the most crucial steps to having a successful business is a healthy, active internet presence. Even 15 years ago, businesses were considered out of touch if they did not have a website. Now, you need a solid internet presence, with links in every market and activity in social media sites to keep your brand fresh. Companies such as Your Online PT are a perfect example of how a fresh, new business model will propel a company to success in record time.

Goods and Services


Anybody wanting to start a business knows the basic rule: offer goods or services that someone else wants. The savvy entrepreneur knows that the majority of his market will be looking on the internet in order to find the products desired. In addition, most of these people will be using their handheld devices, such as iPhones, smartphones, and tablets.

People also rely heavily on word of mouth, both for advertisement and for referrals. Businessmen and consumers alike use word of mouth to make important decisions. That is why social media is so important. One of the reasons youronlinept.co.uk is so successful is that they have developed a strong presence on social media sites. This encourages people to share the information with friends and to retweet advertisements and news about the company. By developing a broader customer base and building brand recognition, this new company has changed the face of online services.

How It Works


Your Online PT has figured out how to provide personal attention to each person who has an account with them. This is what most people are looking for, and when they find it with an online personal trainer, they recommend the service to others.

The founders of this company realized that most people really care about their physical health, but cannot afford personal trainers and gym memberships. So, they adapted a very brick-and-mortar service to the online community.

Clients who subscribe to their services are assigned a team of personal trainers who can “tag team” that account, so that regardless of time of day or location, the client can contact a personal trainer famil.iar with their account. In this way, people can afford a personal trainer and have regimens designed especially for their needs, without the added expense of gym memberships.

If the client has or wants a gym membership, the online personal trainer will develop a regimen to utilize the available equipment. The trainer will also be able to help his clients develop a diet plan and maintain a flexible schedule, making it far more likely that the client will stay with the plan.

Your Online PT is a perfect example of a successful business model in today’s world.

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