How Important Is Your Website For Your Company?

Small business owners often wonder if they really need a website. After all, they don’t plan to attract overseas or even national attention. They also don’t expect to ship items long distances, so why would they need a website? Locals can just stop by the store and pick up what they want. However, if you are a small business owner and don’t have a website you are missing out on one of the best marketing strategies since newspapers. The truth is, the internet has practically replaced newspapers, radio, and even television in reaching and maintaining customer base. Here are some examples of how important your website can be for your company.

Shopper Demographics

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Over 60 percent of the public now owns an iPhone or android. Think about how many people that is, for just a minute. You’ve noticed all of the people looking into their laps and avoiding eye contact, playing games, texting friends, and…shopping. Of this large percentage of the population, 80 percent of the will make purchases that very day. Now, think of the impact that would have on your business! Shopper information these days group a huge number of people into the demographic of handheld device users. With a website that converts easily to this type of format, you can have information about your company a touch of a finger away.

Another 20 percent of the population use their PCs or laptops to get information on the products they are looking for. In the U.S., the Small Business Administration reports that small businesses that have a website have, on average 39 percent more revenue each year than those that do not have an internet presence.

Many businesses have a strong customer base of older people, so the owners don’t think they need a website. After all, only people under 30 use the computer that much, right? The truth is, the vast majority of people over age 55 use the internet. They find it far more convenient than relying on a phone book for information, and they get more information than they ever could from a phone book. The internet is also easier to read than the small print found in traditional publications.

Gain Credibility


These days, when people hear about a business, they usually go online to check it out. If they can’t find the business online, they write it off. Having a website not only tells people about your product such as women’s clothing, they can find out your location down to an actual map, your hours of operation, accepted payment methods, and even parking. In addition, when a shopper finds your business on the internet, they know that it is a legitimate business.

Build Your Brand Name


With a website, you can build up your brand name. Sure, you already do this with a storefront and some printed ads, but on the internet, viewership goes up exponentially. You can place calls to action on social media and post customer reviews that bring in business.

A website is crucial for your company. Build one today, and watch your profits soar.

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