How To Use Artificial Office Supplies

Your office is a hub of activity, with employees and customers coming and going constantly. The traffic not only wears out furnishings it creates noise and distraction. There are ways of combating this, however. Once you learn how to use artificial office supplies, you can reduce the noise and distraction significantly and increase customer satisfaction and employee morale. Do you know what artificial office supplies are? Quite simply, they are artificial plants.

Noise Reduction


Not many people realize just how noisy their office is. The constant chatter of people on phones the clicking of keyboards, squeaking of chairs, drumming of fingers, and muted sounds from various music players can create a din that takes a toll on the nerves. Noise pollution adds to the stress of your environment which weakens the immune system and saps your energy.

The use of potted plants is more than just an artistic expression. It is a smart way to cut down on the noise of your office. The irregular branching structures and leaves of potted plants break up sound, bouncing it around from one leaf to the other rather than allowing it to vibrate unimpeded across the room.

You’ve probably noticed the difference in restaurants. Restaurants that have table cloths, carpet, partitions, and potted plants – even artificial ones – are much quieter than cafes with easily wiped table cloths, easily mopped floors, and little decoration. Your office spaces can benefit from some of the same treatments. No, you don’t have to put table cloths on your employee’s desks, but artificial plants can cut down on the noise very effectively.


Overhead light can also create a stressful environment. The lighting creates shadows, and the unrelenting glare makes people’s eyes tired. Eye fatigue is a common problem in offices, and interferes with your employees’ concentration and productivity.

Just as the leaves and branches of plants deflect noise they also soften light. They bounce the light off of the irregular surfaces, creating different focal points. This subtle difference allows for your employees to vary the focus of their eyes, reducing eye fatigue and headaches. If you don’t allow your employees to have artificial plants in their cubicles, you might want to change your policy. Studies have shown that having a simple potted plant on your desk can reduce blood pressure and the occurrence of headaches.

Space Definition


Plants can also help to define spaces. In modern offices, where the open concept is often practiced, a potted plant can help to make an employee feel more stable. They have a way to mark their spot, and identify their space more effectively.

The gentle movement of large area plants creates a more relaxing atmosphere. A tall palm, even an artificial one, will sway slightly in the air conditioning, creating a more pleasant office. You can use the potted plants to delineate the reception area or to create a more cozy entrance to the break room.

Give artificial office Plants a chance in your office, and you’ll find that work is a lot nicer.

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