Technology In The Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is an industry with the potential to make anyone who works in it, lots of money. If you’re interested in making lots of moolah, the get yourself trained in engineering or something along these lines. The government is currently looking to have more people trained in this sector as it is still currently a very important industry.

Some of the technology used in this industry is incredible, just the thought of some of the things confuses me even to this day. We’re talking about building oil rig structures in the deep ocean over 100 years ago! I struggle to think how they even got the legs to be fully supported that deep.

Some people are under the false impression the the oil and gas industry are going away soon but are they aware that gas and oil still currently represent 75% of the UK’s primary energy? The UK’s activity survey also states that it is highly likely the oil and gas industry will travel well beyond 2055 and that the global demand for oil and gas is going to increase from now up to 2035.

So it just goes to show, now is still a great time to get into the oil and gas sector. It still has years of life left in it and it is most certainly a good earner. Lets see what happens.

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