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The age of the internet has opened volumes of data to researchers and shoppers. Now, we are no longer limited to inter-library loan or even to items written in our own language. There are great online language resources that can translate text for you. It is not only research that needs translation, but business matters, as well. In fact, in today’s economy, most businesses are more likely than not to deal with customers and other businesses in other countries who speak other languages. Online language resources and translators can make this business much more profitable.



A popular app and program for translation is Duolingo. With this app, you can learn other languages. The app itself is free, yet rest assured that real people make the translations, not computers. The accuracy level provided by Duolingo far surpasses automated sites and programs.

This startup business already has over 300,000 regular customers, and most of these are actually signed on to learn other languages. If you submit a text for translation, a team of translators pitch in to translate the text for you. The translation service is free, but they expect to start charging for rush jobs within the next year.

Google Translate

Google Translate is an automated translation service. While this service is much needed, it does a relatively poor job with most translations. The automation does not take into consideration any contextual content, and many translations are so garbled as to be virtually useless. While some research or reading materials may be understandable, any conservation is usually impossible. This seriously limits business and social interaction.

Cultural Guidelines

Another benefit you receive with human interpreters is the fact that humans can take into account cultural guidelines when making translations. Each language and culture has its own idioms and “turns of phrase” that defy automated translation.

In addition to idioms, human translation enables you to “read between the lines”. This is crucial with any kind of human interaction, and businesses especially need clear and concise interpretation. Placing orders, shipping instructions, and exchange of payment are all crucial to running an online business, and without online language resources, these transactions are virtually impossible.

In other situations, you may be required to travel with your job. This will require some training in social customs and communications with others when you are on their own turf. Knowing how to behave when you are in a different country is important. As someone on holiday, your “manners” may not be as crucial, but as you attempt to conduct business, these concessions are not as forthcoming. While you may communicate the literal meaning of your content to your prospective customer or client, a translator will be able to communicate the intent according to social norms of the society.


Your brand and your services may be popular or even needed in other countries. However, without human interpretation from companies such as, your intent may be misunderstood. For important interactions, you would be well-advised to make sure a human is involved with translation, even if it is online.

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