Your Business And SEO

Your business may have a webpage, but are you marketing it to its maximum potential? Your website is just the beginning, and a very basic level of establishment of an internet presence. To really carve your own place in the internet, you need to utilize the most current SEO methods.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a task. It is the task of taking everything you have on the internet, and presenting it so that the search engines notice it.


When people want to find a business online, they type in the search words. In SEO speak, these are keywords, such as “roofers in Los Angeles” or “after school care in Daytona”. The browser they use, whether it is Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or other such forms will then employ the use of a search engine to find material on the internet related to the search.

The browser then displays the results in order of importance. There are usually hundreds of pages of results, but most people only see the first page – the first 10 on the list get the most business.

Search Engines

There are a number of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These are the locomotives that do the actual work on the internet. They send out “spiders” that crawl the “web” (as in www), and look for every example of content using those keywords.

From there, the search engines employ complicated algorithms to rank each item the spiders discover. The goal is to get the highest rankings from the search engines, so that your content moves up in the list, eventually making the “first page” of the browser.

Changing Algorithms

Periodically, the search engine algorithms change. The most recent algorithm change was entitled “Panda”, and made a major change in the way internet content is read by the spiders. Panda, in tandem with another algorithm called “Penguin”, threw a monkey wrench (to keep with the animal analogies) into SEO strategies up to that point.

If you have ever read content on the internet that was so full of the keywords that the piece made no sense, then you have encountered keyword stuffing. This is the tactic of cramming as many of the keywords as possible into content, to get the attention of spiders. Under older algorithms, the frequency of keyword placement was the most important aspect of SEO. However, with Panda and Penguin, the over-abundance of keywords became a red flag. Sites which normally found their way to the first page of browsers were suddenly far down in rankings.

Content became a part of the algorithm, and that required better writing and more pertinent information.

More SEO

Besides the use of keywords in quality content, the roles of other internet outlets are now included in your ranking. Every time you post an update on social media such as Facebook, you gain credibility with the spiders. Every time you make a comment, or reply to a comment, you also get “points”.

That is why it is now more important to hire someone who understands SEO to keep your business in competition on the internet.

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