Artificial Office Plants: Whats The Point?

Dust catchers. That’s what my mom always called artificial plants. And, it seemed that she was right, a lot of the time. So often, the desired effect of having plants in an office – whether real or plastic – was lost because all you could notice was dust. If, however, you can arrange to have someone run a duster over the plants periodically, you will find more benefits than you ever dreamt of from having artificial plants in the office.


No Mess

While I am a big advocate of live plants in the home and office, they pose an undeniable disadvantage – they can be messy. Spilling water and soil can be a big problem, as can dead leaves. If a real plant gets knocked over, it can make an awful mess.

Artificial office plants don’t have any of this extra baggage. You put them in place, and they just do their little plant thing. The only maintenance they need is occasional dusting.

Rest For the Weary


Now that we have the problem of upkeep out of the way, let’s talk about why you should have plants in the workplace at all. The number one reason is to make the spaces more pleasant. If, however, you are still puzzled as to how this is possible with fake greenery, here is some of the science behind it.

Even man-made plants don’t look man-made. They have curved lines and random branching patterns, providing a helpful contrast to the often harsh office environment.

Offices are made of straight lines and 90 degree corners. Carefully engineered overhead lighting produces both perceived light and actual light. In some cases, individuals may add a desk lamp for task lighting. But all of this is industrial and generic.

Artificial plants in the office will break up those straight lines. The benefit of this is that it helps to reduce visual fatigue. Workers in an office setting probably spend a great deal of time looking at a computer screen. Headaches, shoulder tension, and eyestrain are the result of hours focusing on one distance.

Since the eye travels to color (it’s an interior decorating thing) artificial plants from Urban Planters in the cubicle will encourage the employee to look up occasionally. This change of focus, however brief, does wonders for eye health and stress reduction.

Noise Reduction


Some people are not affected by the noises in an office. The reality, however, is that repetitive noises and racket from other cubicles can be very distracting. Coworker’s tastes in music, their tendencies to drum their fingers or click a pen, or their loud phone voice can get on their neighbor’s last nerve.

Artificial plants will break up sound waves. The leaves deflect sound and buffer noise. Sound engineers will tell you that the parallel walls of rooms amplify sound. This is what happens in an office. Plants break up those parallel surfaces, reducing ambient noise.

If you don’t have any artificial plants in the office, reconsider your decision. They can provide a more comfortable and productive work environment.

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