Why Plants Make The Office Better

Face it – even fake office plants can make your office space better. That’s right, even plastic or silk plants will add to the atmosphere of your office space, making it more welcoming. Here are some of the ways that both real and fake plants, can make your work environment more enjoyable.

Fake Office Plants Add Color


Both real and fake office plants can add color to your workspace. Most offices install carpeting, wall coverings, and furnishings that are chosen by a professional designer. These surfaces are usually chosen to be as generic as possible so that anyone can use the office space. While this may be the best use of company resources, it can make for a very mundane workplace.

However, with a pop of color here and there through careful placement of office plants, you can add visual interest and give the eye relief from the overpowering predominance of the institutional colors in the area.

In addition, the mere presence of green in the workspace is restful to the eye, and has a calming effect on your nerves. Even fake office plants can have this effect. Many people prefer plastic or silk plants because they do not have to worry about watering them. They just need occasional dusting.



Plants also add texture to the mix. The size of leaves, the variegation of coloring, and the leaf shape can all add visual interest to otherwise very industrial surroundings. The ruffled edge of a philodendron, for example, is very organic and natural feeling. Even if you do not sit there and meditate on the shape of the leaf, having those irregular, natural edges in the room takes the – edge – off of the office space. You will find that it lends itself to more comfortable surroundings with a more personable feel.



Even fake office plants can refine staging areas in your office area. They can also give a sense of privacy. Properly placed, 6-foot plants, for example, can delineate the chairs reserved for the reception area. Plants evenly spaced along a long hallway will give a personal touch to the area, rather than an intimidating look. 6 inch tall ivies arranged along the top of cubical dividers can give a little more privacy to your cubicle. Properly placed grouping of plants can keep foot traffic from entering certain areas, or direct it to the desired destination.

Sound Dampening

Just as plants in the office can help to direct traffic, give privacy, and delineate spaces, they can also serve as valuable noise dampening. Sometimes, all you need to mute the neighbor’s annoying music is some leafy plants between the two cubicles. Most offices with a judicious arrangement of plants will have less environmental noise and echo. This is why many restaurants have a lot of plants around. The dining tables are usually hard surfaced, as is the floor, and sound bounces off of these hard surfaces. Plants deaden the noise without compromising surfaces.

Whether you choose real or fake office plants, you will improve your workplace.

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